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Whilst I am not at all surprised by the answer Nick Gibb gave to MP Kevin Brennan's written question of May 6th I am very disappointed!  I quote the answer here - almost word for word what was said last October....

'While the provision of a school library is not compulsory, a good school library is a valuable resource for pupils and teachers. The Government therefore welcomed last year's report from the Commission, set up by the National Literacy Trust and Museums, Libraries and Archives, 'School Libraries: A Plan for Improvement', on the future role for school libraries and schools' library services.

The Department agrees that good school libraries and school library services make an important contribution to children's literacy, and that schools are well placed to identify what provision best meets their educational needs'

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Posted by Shirley Geddes on Tuesday 21st June 2011 at 16:41:

This is pointless unless they back it up.


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