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EPQ Course

About the Course

EPQ Course LogoIntroduction
Welcome to the online Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) training programme. Participants are being offered an enjoyable and rewarding programme of learning and experience which will lead to a certificate of participation from the School Library Association.

Benefits to the participants
The opportunity to gain knowledge and to put it to practical use in your school library. This will result in a deeper understanding of the way the library can support the Extended Project and an understanding of how you can develop the library services to meet the needs of the pupils.

Benefits to the school
The SLA offers practical training, advice and support to your library co-ordinator. The EPQ course will lead candidates through the processes involved in organising and supporting pupils when undertaking the Extended Project.  The course consists of a series of modules which lead the participant through the essential skills needed, from basic knowledge to promotion and marketing and developing a library that fully supports the learning in the school.

Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone who has responsibility for delivering the library support for the Extended Project Qualification.

How much does it cost?
The course costs £50.00 (for SLA members) and £150.00 (for non members). You can pay by BACS, credit card or cheque. If necessary, we will raise an invoice to cover the amount due. On receipt of your enrolment form the SLA will confirm login details. Participants are asked not to share their login details with anyone else.

Upon completion, please contact the SLA office to request a certificate of participation which will be issued free-of-charge.

Further information and next steps

For information about what is covered in each module please download the overview of the course:

EPQ Overview

Word document, 24 kB (Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later)


If you are interested in enrolling please complete the enrolment form:

EPQ Form for Enrolment

Word document, 23 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later

and return it to:

School Library Association
1 Pine Court
Kembrey Park

For further information on the programme please telephone 01793 530166 or email info[at]sla.org.uk.