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Primary School Classification Scheme

Primary School Classification SchemeAt last there is a way of classifying the non-fiction materials in a primary school, using a simplified Dewey system that will be easy for everyone. This is what teachers and school library services have been asking for!

Our new scheme will help children to find the material they are looking for by searching for the appropriate keyword in the comprehensive, alphabetical Subject Index. A simple instruction sheet tells them how to use the Index to find a book. Alternatively, if the school library has a computer, they can use SubjectSearch, the simple database on the CD-ROM, to find they subject they are looking for. This includes options for showing words that sound like the one input, and for completing automatically the word that is being typed. Technical support for the use of the CD-ROM is included in the price.

Staff or parents using this pack to organise and arrange the school library will find the Practical Guide, with details of how to use the system as well as examples to practise on, both straightforward and easy to follow. To encourage children to take the trouble to look up the subject they want, and to use the classification numbers, there is an attractive and colourful poster for the wall.

So that the research process can start in the classroom, many schools will want to have extra copies of the Subject Index. We have made these extra copies available, in sets of five at a special price, for those who have already purchased the pack.

The Primary School Classification Scheme has been designed for use in primary and middle schools in all the countries of the British Isles. Particular attention has been paid to cultural and linguistic diversity. It is also suitable for international schools who follow the UK curriculum. Under the terms of our licence this product may be sold to schools outside the UK and Ireland only if they are SLA members.

"Very child-friendly and easy to use"
Annette Lane, Bridgend Primary School, Highland

  • Primary School Classification Scheme - Main Pack (2004)
    £40.00 (SLA Members £35.00) · Add to Basket
    Pack containing Practical Guide (1903446155), Subject Index (1903446147), poster, and CD-ROM (1903446163)
  • Primary School Classification Scheme - Five extra Subject Index booklets (2004)
    £18.00 (SLA Members £15.00) · Add to Basket
    Pack of five extra Subject Index booklets

Requires Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

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