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Open All Hours: Out of Hours Learning and the Secondary School LRC

Fiona Devoy·May 2004

ISBN 9781903446232 · Price: £6.00 (Members £5.00)Add to Basket

Series: SLA Guidelines · Level: Secondary

In recent years the field of out of hours learning activities has expanded rapidly to embrace a wide range of exciting and challenging learning experiences going far beyond traditional homework and study clubs. This Guideline aims to put the range of possibilities into perspective for the school librarian and highlight the potential role of Library Resource Centre staff in this kaleidoscope of activities. Some of the theory behind the out of hours movement is explained and there are practical pointers for school library involvement. Added value, not added burden, is the ideal, and this Guideline highlights ways for the school librarian to have access to new resources, new ways of working and greater professional and personal satisfaction.