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Riveting Reads Booklists

These titles cover a wide range of subject matter and levels of difficulty. The suggested books will encourage pupils to read widely and independently for enjoyment. They are grouped under themes and have been recommended by pupils in the relevant age group. They are indexed under title and author.

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Picture Books from 0 to 90

Marianne Bradnock·April 2015

ISBN 9781903446850 · Price: £15.00 (Members £11.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary and Secondary

This selection of some of the best picturebooks from the past eighty-five years sets out to dispel the myth that they are only suitable for the very youngest. Stories which are told via a subtle interaction of words and pictures make unique demands on the reader and often push the boundaries of storytelling in a way that is not found in any other form. Picturebooks lend themselves to endless re-readings, with new meaning to be found at different ages. The subject matter is wide ranging and can be challenging, from ABCs and bedtime stories to sophisticated examinations of intolerance, loneliness, loss and our treatment of the environment. Though the main appeal will be to those working with early years and primary aged children, the titles included here – mostly in print and readily available – have something to offer all ages, from babies and toddlers through to teenagers and beyond.


Riveting Reads World War I

Geoff Dubber·November 2014

ISBN 9781903446874 · Price: £15.00 (Members £11.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary and Secondary

The SLA is joining the nation and school librarians everywhere as we commemorate the Great War of 1914–1918, its causes, events and personalities and the way that it irrevocably changed the lives of just about everyone. Here is a carefully selected and annotated list of classic and well received recent books, both fiction and information, for children and young people across the age range 7 to 18, with a Foreword by Michael Morpurgo.

Set out in sections by genre and arranged in primary and secondary age range sections, we hope that it will help school library staff to select from the wide range of books available as they buy, borrow, display, discuss and read with their pupils and teaching colleagues on this important subject.


Riveting Reads 9-13

Joy Court and Isobel Powell·July 2013

ISBN 9781903446775 · Price: £13.50 (Members £9.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary and Secondary

Reading for Pleasure, now promoted by the DfE and OFSTED, is a cause dear to the hearts of all school library staff everywhere. Joy Court and her expert team have sifted through the wealth and depth of recent children’s literature to produce a vivid and authoritative annotated booklist to encourage the 9 to 13 age range to do exactly that – read for pleasure! Arranged in genres similar to those listed in the 'Read for My School' project, the list will guide and enthuse school library staff and their readers. SLA President Kevin Crossley-Holland adds an enthusiastic foreword.

Sporting Reads: 2012 and Beyond

Richard Leveridge·March 2012

ISBN 9781903446638 · Price: £0.00 (Members £0.00)Download

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary and Secondary

A concise collection of book reviews aiming to cover the essential, the inspiring, the informative and the entertaining within the literature of sport, geared towards the needs of the school library. Ideal for those stocking their libraries ready for Euro 2012 and the London Olympic Games.

Further information about Sporting Reads  - and a sample for non-members.

Fantasy Fiction

Frances Sinclair and SLA in Scotland·June 2008

ISBN 9781903446461 · Price: £12.00 (Members £9.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads Plus · Level: Secondary

Fantasy fiction is very much in vogue at present and here is a fantastic selection of books put together by the SLA in Scotland branch targeted essentially at 11 to 16-year-olds. You name it and they have included it - the vast majority of books have been published in the last three years. The publication not only includes hundreds of annotations on all kinds of fantasy genres, but is also our largest Riveting Reads yet produced! It also includes a fantasy timeline, a range of profiles of important fantasy writers, and a very useful list of websites. Have a fantastic time browsing and enjoying it - we have!

Boys into Books 5-11

Chris Brown·June 2008

ISBN 9781903446454 · Price: £0.00 (Members £0.00)Download

Series: Riveting Reads Plus · Level: Primary

Boys into Books 5-11 was specially commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), responsible for schools in England, to support the reading needs of boys aged 5 to 11. The project allowed all local authorities in England to order a number of books from the list, free of charge, to be supplied by a library supplier of the authority's choice. Following the ordering period, the project was officially launched by Schools Minister Jim Knight in June 2008. The full publication is available as a downloadable PDF file:

Boys Into Books 5 to 11

PDF file, 2 MB

Requires Adobe Reader

Book Ahead 0-7

Julia Eccleshare·June 2008

ISBN 9781903446430 · Price: £0.00 (Members £0.00)Download

Series: Riveting Reads Plus · Level: Primary

Book Ahead is an initiative by the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in England, which aims to get enjoyable books into the hands of young children in Early Years settings to develop enjoyment in reading at an early stage, and also to strengthen the links between those settings and their local public and Schools Library Services.

It is based on a booklist commissioned from the School Library Association, written by Julia Eccleshare, with contributions from other library organisations, and published in the SLA's Riveting Reads series. The booklist is available free and each local authority in England was funded by the DCSF in 2008 to purchase books from the list to use with Early Years settings such as playgroups and nurseries in their area.

The full version of the booklist is available online, including search and index facilities, the introduction and the appendices. The whole booklist is also available to download as a PDF file. The booklist is supported by a dedicated microsite at

Book Ahead was officially launched by Schools Minister Jim Knight in June 2008.

Boys into Books 11-14

Eileen Armstrong·May 2007

ISBN 9781903446409 · Price: £0.00 (Members £0.00)Download

Series: Riveting Reads Plus · Level: Secondary

This latest title in our Riveting Reads series has been specially commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), responsible for schools in England, to support the reading needs of boys in Key Stage 3. The Boys into Books project aims to provide information about titles which might attract and enthuse boys of 11-14 about reading for pleasure, and is funded by the DfES. The booklist is available exclusively online as a searchable database and also as a downloadable PDF version.

State schools in England having at least 20 boys of this age group were also able to order 20 titles from the list, which were delivered, ready jacketed, free of charge, and also two sets of three Boys into Books posters and 450 postcards. The posters and postcards can also be downloaded online. The project ran until the end of August 2007, although this online edition will remain available for anyone to use, even if not eligible for free books.

Riveting Reads 6-8

Prue Goodwin·December 2006

ISBN 9781903446355 · Price: £7.50 (Members £6.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary

For children learning to read, the years between their sixth and ninth birthdays are the most important and the most exciting. Adults want to provide support, but children who are discouraged or bored by the books they are offered can quickly become reluctant to read. The books in this collection have been selected principally to provide enjoyment and a rich and varied choice. Full bibliographical information is given for each title.

A View of the World

Oxfordshire Branch of the School Library Association (SLA)·November 2006

ISBN 9781903446348 · Price: £9.00 (Members £7.50)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads Plus · Level: Secondary

We don't always see the wider picture of the world we live in. Our holidays are often taken in carefully sanitised environments, our internet and media may be filtered. Yet more than ever, we need to understand each other, to appreciate and celebrate difference, and create an awareness of the situations in far-off places. Members of Oxfordshire School Library Association (OSLA) set about addressing this need. Here are books and, for the first time in this series, films, which speak with the authentic voices of the peoples of different cultures through novels, poetry and biographies. The list is as current as possible and intended for the secondary age range.

Riveting Reads 8-12

Jo Sennitt·2006

ISBN 9781903446300 · Price: £7.50 (Members £6.00)Add to Basket

Series: Riveting Reads · Level: Primary and Secondary

This publication aims to lead readers on from some of the most popular and well known authors to those a little further afield and provide a really useful starting point for those who want to engage children more fully in the world of books and introduce them to some of the best writers and illustrators in the field. A variety of headings include Fantasy and Other Worlds, Animal Stories, Funny Stories, Poetry, Picture Books and Folk and Fairy Tales.