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The School Librarian Review Index

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CoverIndex to Volume 58, No. 3 (Autumn 2010)

  • Adcock, Fleur, Dragon Talk, p.189
  • Anniss, Matt, DJing (Master This), p.184
  • Ardagh, Philip, Knights and Castles, p.169
  • Asso, Bernard and Bergère, Francis, Battle of Britain, p.184
  • Augarde, Steve, X Isle, p.173
  • Barker, Dominic, Adam and the Arkonauts, p.161
  • Barker, Dominic, Sharp Returns (Mickey Sharp), p.173
  • Barlow, Steve and Skidmore, Steve, Return to the Lost World, p.161
  • Barraclough, Sue, Be An Eco Hero At Home, p.169
  • Beardsley, Martyn, Black Death, p.161
  • Beattie, Juli and Warner, Arabella, The Art Room, p.189
  • Bell, Alex, Lex Trent Versus The Gods, p.173
  • Bergman, Mara, and Thomas, Cassia, Lively Elizabeth!, p.153
  • Binch, Caroline, Road Horse, p.161
  • Bingham, Jane, Henry VIII (Extraordinary Lives), p.169
  • Black, Holly, White Cat, p.173
  • Boothroyd, Jennifer, What is Taste?, p.153
  • Brashares, Ann, The Summer that Changed Everything, p.174
  • Braun, Sebastien, The Ugly Duckling, p.153
  • Brown, Kate, The Spider Moon Book 1, p.161
  • Browne, Anthony, Me and You, p.153
  • Bush, Penelope, Alice in Time, p.174
  • Carrington, Jim, Inside My Head, p.174
  • Chinn, Steve, Addressing the Unproductive Classroom Behaviours of Students with Special Needs, p.189
  • Conway, David and Angaramo, Roberta, Errol and his Extraordinary Nose, p.153
  • Cotterill, Jo, Star Crossed, p.174
  • Crossley, Sheena, Bats about Wales, p.162
  • Danes, Christopher; Danes, Simon; Lakhani, Seeta, Philosophy of Religion for Today: For GCSE Religious Studies, p.189
  • Dashner, James, The Maze Runner, p.175
  • Davies, Corinne, Ralph is (not) a Superhero, p.162
  • De Goldi, Kate, The 10pm Question, p.175
  • Deary, Terry, Put Out the Light, p.162
  • Deas, Stephen, The Thief-Taker's Apprentice, p.175
  • Downs, Jonathan, The Industrial Revolution, p.184
  • Doyle, Malachy, The Lambton Curse, p.162
  • Duncan, Charlie, Gastronimus and the Legend of Mr Grrrrumblebum, p.162
  • Elliott, Rebecca, Just Because, p.153
  • Faundez, Anne and Littlewood, Karin, The Day the Rains Fell, p.153
  • Fisher, Catherine, Crown of Acorns, p.176
  • Forward, Toby, Dragonborn (The Flaxfield Quartet), p.162
  • Fromental, Jean-Luc and Jolivet, Joelle, Oops!, p.154
  • Fuge, Charles and Conway, David, Bedtime Hullabaloo!, p.154
  • Gifford, Clive, The Who's Who of... The Cold War, p.184
  • Gleitzman, Morris, Now, p.164
  • Gourlay, Candy, Tall Story, p.164
  • Grant, Helen, The Glass Demon, p.176
  • Green, Jen, Cities (The Geography Detective Investigates), p.169
  • Green, John, Paper Towns, p.176
  • Grisham, John, Theodore Boone: Young Lawyer, p.176
  • Guarnaccia, Steven, The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale, p.164
  • Hadithi, Mwenye and Kennaway, Adrienne, Bumping Buffalo, p.154
  • Han, Jenny, The Summer I Turned Pretty, p.176
  • Hanbury-Murphy, Trudy, Solving the Mysteries of Ancient Rome, p.169
  • Harland, Richard, Worldshaker, p.178
  • Harris, Joseph, Space Exploration (The Impact of Science and Technology), p.184
  • Harrison, Cora, The Montgomery Murder, p.164
  • Helmore, Jim and Wall, Karen, Hold on Tight, Stripy Horse!, p.154
  • Hodgkinson, Jo, The Talent Show, p.154
  • Hodgson, Karen and Collins, Ross, Hugh's Blue Day, p.154
  • Hodgson, Karen and Lambert, Sally Anne, The Teeny-Weeny Walking Stick, p.154
  • Hodgson, Karen and Madalina, Dina, The Robot Who Couldn't Cry, p.154
  • Hoffman, Mary and Asquith, Ros, The Great Big Book of Families, p.155
  • Hooper, Mary, Fallen Grace, p.178
  • Hopkins, Cathy, Million Dollar Mates, p.174
  • Horsfield, Karen, Making Ends Meet: Planning and Managing the Primary School Library Budget, p.190
  • Hudson, Cheryl Willis and Velasquez, Eric, My Friend Maya Loves To Dance, p.155
  • Hughes, Shirley, Don't Want To Go!, p.155
  • Ibbotson, Eva, The Ogre of Oglefort, p.165
  • Ignatow, Amy, The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang, p.165
  • Jago, Lucy, Montacute House, p.178
  • Jeffrey, Gary and Riley, Terry, Autopsies: Pathologist at Work (Graphic Forensic Science), p.184
  • Jennings, Terry, Earthquakes and Tsunamis (Amazing Planet Earth), p.169
  • Johnson, Pete, The Vampire Blog, p.165
  • Jones, Becky and Lewis, Clare, London Adventure Walks for Families, p.190
  • Jones, Lis and Coplestone, Jim, A Walk in the Wild Woods, p.155
  • Kemp, Anna and Ogilvie, Sara, Dogs Don't Do Ballet, p.155
  • King, Caro, Shadow Spell, p.166
  • Kramer, Ann, Secret War (Taking Part in the Second World War), p.170
  • Krebs, Laurie and Wilson, Anne, We're Roaming in the Rainforest, p.155
  • Lanagan, Margo, White Time, p.179
  • Landman, Tanya, The Scent of Blood, p.166
  • Lane, Andrew, Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud, p.166
  • Levete, Sarah, Talk about Family Break-Ups, p.184
  • Lewin, Ted and Betsy, Balarama: A Royal Elephant, p.170
  • Limb, Sue, Girl 16, Five Star Fiasco, p.174
  • Lo, Malinda, Ash, p.179
  • Lord, Gabrielle, Conspiracy 365 Book 6 June, p.179
  • Lynch Williams, Carol, The Chosen One, p.179
  • Lyndon, Dan, Africa and the Slave Trade (Black History), p.185
  • MacDonald, Alan, Oi, Caveboy! (Iggy the Urk), p.166
  • Mackintosh, Samantha, Kisses for Lula, p.180
  • Madavan, Vijay, Cooking the Indian Way, p.185
  • Malley, Gemma, The Returners, p.180
  • Manham, Allan and Dann, Penny, The Giant Carrot, p.156
  • Manning, Mick, and Brita Granström, My Uncle's Dunkirk, p.170
  • Martin, Andrew, Building Classroom Successes, p.190
  • McAllister, Angela and Smith, Alex T., My Mum Has X-ray Vision, p.156
  • McKee, David, Denver, p.156
  • McKirdy, Alan and Moira, Scottish Rocks and Fossils, p.170
  • Merchant, Ed and Fuller, Rachel, Dad David, Baba Chris and ME, p.190
  • Mitton, Tony, and Warburton, Sarah, Sir Laughalot, p.166
  • Mlynowski, Sarah, Gimme a Call, p.174
  • Montanari, Eva, The Alphabet Family, p.156
  • Morpurgo, Michael, An Elephant in the Garden, p.168
  • Mosley, Jenny, Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School, p.190
  • Murphy, Glenn, Evolution, Nature and Stuff, p.172
  • Murphy, Glenn, Space, Black Holes and Stuff, p.172
  • Murray, Alison, Apple Pie ABC, p.158
  • Myron, Vicki and Witter, Bret with James, Steve, Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library!, p.158
  • Naidoo, Beverley and Das, Prodeepta, S is for South Africa, p.158
  • Nelson, S. D., Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story, p.185
  • Ness, Patrick, Monsters of Men, p.180
  • Newton, Jill, Crash Bang Donkey!, p.158
  • Nichols, Grace, I Have Crossed an Ocean: Selected Poems, p.173
  • Nicholson, William, Rich and Mad, p.180
  • Oxlade, Chris, The Top Ten Inventions That Changed the World, p.185
  • Parker, Steve, Planet Earth, p.172
  • Pennac, Daniel, School Blues, p.190
  • Plaja, Luisa, Swapped by a Kiss, p.174
  • Rayner, Catherine, Norris: The Bear Who Shared, p.158
  • Rees, Celia, The Fool's Girl, p.180
  • Rickards, Lynne and Wildish, Lee, Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet, p.160
  • Riordan, Rick, The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles), p.182
  • Rogers, Gregory, The Hero of Little Street, p.168
  • Rooney, Anne, Off The Rails, p.182
  • Ryan, Carrie, The Dead-Tossed Waves, p.182
  • Sachar, Louis, The Cardturner, p.182
  • Sedgwick, Marcus, White Crow, p.182
  • Shaw, Tucker, Anxious Hearts, p.183
  • Shone, Rob, Ancient Treasures (Graphic Discoveries), p.185
  • Simpson, Louis, Voices in the Distance: Selected Poems, p.189
  • Singleton, Sarah, The Island, p.183
  • Smiley, Jane, Nobody's Horse, p.168
  • Solway, Andrew, Climate Change (World at Risk), p.186
  • Sonneborn, Liz, The Egyptians: Life in Ancient Egypt, p.172
  • Souhami, Jessica, The Sticky Doll Trap, p.160
  • Sparkes, Ali, Wishful Thinking, p.168
  • St John, Lauren, Dead Man's Cove, p.168
  • Stainton, Keris, Della says: OMG!, p.174
  • Stanley, Malaika Rose and Wilson-Max, Ken, Baby Ruby Bawled, p.160
  • Steele, Philip, Campaigners (20th Century Lives), p.186
  • Stewart, Joel, Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie on the Road, p.160
  • Suzuma, Tabitha, Forbidden, p.183
  • Taplin, Sam, The Usborne Official Pharaoh's Handbook, p.172
  • Thielbar, Melinda and Helmer, Der-Shing, The Kung Fu Puzzle, p.172
  • Thomas, Jeremy and Lewington, Richard, The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland, p.186
  • Vaughan, Jenny, Causes and Campaigns, p.186
  • Vaughan, William, Gold Hunter, p.168
  • Walton, Ruth, Let's Bake a Cake (Let's Find Out), p.160
  • Welsh, C. E. L. and Singh, Lalit Kumar, Harry Houdini, p.172
  • Welsh, Melanie, Mistress of the Storm, p.183
  • Wilson, Jacqueline, Little Darlings, p.169
  • Wood, Douglas and Pham, LeUyen, Aunt Mary's Rose, p.160
  • Woodward, John, The Deep, Deep Ocean (Oceans Alive!), p.186


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