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The School Librarian Review Index

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Index to Volume 60, No. 3 (Autumn 2012)

  • Alborough, Jez, Six Little Chicks, p.153
  • Allen, Harry, Ibarajo Road, p.174
  • Angleberger, Tom, Fake Mustache, p.161
  • Anholt, Laurence, Anholt's Artists Activity Book , p.170
  • Arbuthnott, Gill and Nethercott, Joanne, Lost at the Zoo, p.153
  • Ashley, Bernard, Dive Bombing, p.174
  • Asquith, R. L., Letters from an Alien Schoolboy: Cosmic Custard, p.161
  • Backshall, Steve, Tiger Wars, p.175
  • Bardugo, Leigh, The Gathering Dark, p.175
  • Bergman, Mara and Bolam, Emily, Itchy Itch Itch, p.153
  • Billington, Rachel, Poppy's Hero, p.161
  • Bingham, Jane, The Amazon, p.170
  • Blake, Kendare, Anna Dressed in Blood, p.188
  • Blake, Susannah, Crafts for Styling your Wardrobe, p.170
  • Bloom, Steve, My Big Cats Journal, p.170
  • Boldt, Claudia, Odd Dog, p.153
  • Bond, Henrietta, Losing Control , p.175
  • Boyne, John, The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket, p.161
  • Bradnock, Marianne (editor), Twitterspace and Facecloud: Web 2.0 and Beyond for School Librarians, p.189
  • Brahmachari, Sita, Jasmine Skies, p.175
  • Branford, Anna, Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot, p.161
  • Breckon, Brett, A Treasury of Welsh Heroes, p.170
  • Brodie, Andrew, A Parent's Survival Guide to Phonics and Spelling, p.189
  • Bruton, Catherine, Pop?, p.175
  • Byrne, Richard, The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur, p.153
  • Caldecott, Elen, The Mystery of Wickworth Manor, p.162
  • Caldicott, Chris, World Food Alphabet, p.153
  • Cassidy, Anne, Dead Time, p.175
  • Castor, H. M., VIII, p.176
  • Cattell, Bob, Bowl Like the Devil, p.162
  • Caveney, Philip, Spy Another Day, p.162
  • Chambers, Aidan, Dying to Know You, p.176
  • Chambers, Catherine, Languages of the World: Swahili, p.154
  • Clunes, Rebecca, Drawing Dinosaurs (Drawing is Fun!) , p.172
  • Conway, Anne-Marie, Butterfly Summer, p.176
  • Conway, David and Williamson, Melanie, The Great Fairy Tale Disaster, p.154
  • Cowing, Sue, Call Me Drog, p.176
  • Croft, Andy, Theo Walcott, p.187
  • Crowley, Kieran Mark, Colm and the Ghost's Revenge , p.178
  • Curran, Josie, Make Your Own Fun, p.189
  • Day George, Jessica, Dragon Spear, p.162
  • Day, Susie, Pea's Book of Best Friends, p.162
  • Deary, Terry, Terror on the Train (Victorian Tales), p.162
  • Doder, Joshua, Grk and the Phoney Macaroni, p.164
  • Don, Lari, Drawing a Veil , p.178
  • Drake, Nick, The Farewell Glacier, p.189
  • Dubber, Geoff, Plans, Practices and Policies: Information Literacy and the Secondary School Library, p.190
  • Dunmore, Helen, Stormswept (The Ingo Chronicles), p.178
  • Ecton, Emily, Project Jackalope, p.164
  • Eldridge, Jim, The Invisible Assassin (The Malichea Quest), p.178
  • Evans, Lissa, Big Change for Stuart, p.164
  • Farman, John, Bringing Up Your Parents: A Lifeline for Teenagers, p.187
  • Farrell, Liam, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf, p.164
  • Fergusson, Maggie (with Morpurgo, Michael), Michael Morpurgo: War Child to War Horse, p.190
  • Foreman, Michael, Friends, p.154
  • Frewin Jones, Allan and Chalk, Gary, Sundered Lands: Full Circle, p.165
  • Friedman, Mark, Genocide (Hot Topics), p.187
  • Fukuda, Andrew, The Hunt, p.178
  • Ganeri, Anita, Peculiar Plants (Extreme Nature), p.172
  • Ganeri, Anita, Pianos and Keyboards (How the World Makes Music), p.172
  • Gantos, Jack, Dead End in Norvelt, p.179
  • Garland, Sarah, Azzi In Between, p.165
  • Gerrard, K. A. and Dodd, Emma, An Egyptian Escape, p.172
  • Gill, Roy, The Daemon Parallel, p.179
  • Graham, Ian, Fast!, p.172
  • Grant, Michael, BZRK, p.179
  • Gray, Keith (ed.), Next, p.179
  • Gray, Kes and McQuillan, Mary, Momo Goes Flying!, p.154
  • Gray, Kes and Wildish, Lee, Leave Me Alone, p.154
  • Green, Caroline, Cracks, p.179
  • Griffiths, Neil and Louden, Janette, Animal Antics, p.154
  • Gunderson, Jessica and Takvorian, Nadine, Jason and the Argonauts, p.173
  • Hamilton, James, Volcano: Nature and Culture (Earth) , p.188
  • Hammond, Sarah, The Night Sky In My Head, p.180
  • Hardinge, Frances, A Face Like Glass, p.165
  • Harrison, Troon, The Horse Road, p.180
  • Harrold, A. F., Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From the Circus (And Joined the Library), p.165
  • Hartman, Rachel, Seraphina, p.180
  • Harvey, Jacqueline, Alice-Miranda at School, p.166
  • Hawkins, John, Air Disasters (Catastrophe), p.187
  • Hayes, Rosemary, Loose Connections, p.182
  • Hendry, Diana, The Seeing, p.182
  • Hughes, Shirley, Hero on a Bicycle, p.182
  • Hunter, Nick, Steve Jobs (Titans of Business), p.187
  • Hurley, Tonya, The Blessed, p.182
  • Irving, Ellie, Billie Templar's War, p.166
  • Jefferies, Cindy, Dark Water , p.178
  • Johnson, Kate, The Sex Factor: The Essential Teen Guide, p.188
  • Jones, Diana Wynne, Reflections: On the Magic of Writing, p.190
  • Kay, Jackie, Procter, James and Robinson, Gemma (eds), Out of Bounds: British Black and Asian Poets, p.144
  • Kemp, Anna and Ogilvie, Sara, The Worst Princess, p.154
  • Kooser, Ted and Klassen, Jon, House Held Up By Trees, p.166
  • Larwood, Kieran, Freaks: The Most Unusual Crime Fighters Ever, p.182
  • Lear, Edward, The Owl and the Pussy Cat and Other Nonsense, p.174
  • Lewis, Gill, White Dolphin, p.166
  • Limb, Sue, Chocolate S.O.S., p.183
  • Lovric, Michelle, Talina in the Tower, p.166
  • MacPhail, Catherine, Under the Skin , p.178
  • Manship, Paul, Just Imagine , p.166
  • Martineau, Susan, Being Honest (Positive Steps), p.155
  • Matson, Morgan, Second Chance Summer, p.183
  • Mayhew, Jon, The Bonehill Curse, p.183
  • McCafferty, Megan, Thumped, p.183
  • McClure, Gillian, Zoe's Boat, p.155
  • McKee, Brett and Burfoot, Ella, Monsters Don't Cry!, p.155
  • McNicol, Lyn, Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Barking Boogie, p.168
  • McQuerry, Maureen Doyle, The Peculiars, p.183
  • Medina, Meg, The Girl who Could Silence the Wind , p.183
  • Merle, Claire, The Glimpse, p.184
  • Meyer, Marissa, Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) , p.184
  • Morgan, Angie, Daisy's Big Dig, p.155
  • Murail, Marie-Aude, My Brother Simple, p.184
  • Murphy, Glenn, Does Farting Make you Faster?, p.188
  • Murtagh, Ciaran, Genie in Training , p.168
  • Nadin, Joanna, Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe, p.168
  • Newbery, Linda, The Treasure House, p.168
  • Nicholls, Sally, All Fall Down, p.184
  • Nilsson, Ulf and Eriksson, Eva, The Best Singer in the World, p.155
  • Offen, Hilda, Digging in the Dark, p.168
  • Ohuruogu, Christine, Running Stars (Camp Gold), p.185
  • Okido, My Head-to-toe Body Book, p.155
  • Osborne, William, Hitler's Angel, p.185
  • Owen, Laura and Paul, Korky, Winnie Goes For Gold, p.169
  • Oxlade, Chris, Making a Circuit (It's Electric!), p.173
  • Patterson, Rebecca, My Big Shouting Day!, p.156
  • Paver, Michelle, Gods and Warriors, p.185
  • Phillips, Ellie, Dads, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks, p.185
  • Phinn, Gervase and Ross, Tony, Who am I?, p.153
  • Raven, Nicky and Gilbert, Anne Yvonne, Robin Hood, p.169
  • Ravishankar, Anushka and Manglou, Gabrielle, Excuses Excuses, p.174
  • Ridley, Sarah, Brothers at War: A First World War Family History , p.188
  • Ridley, Sarah, Light (Espresso Ideas Box) , p.173
  • Rissman, Rebecca, ABC at the Shops, p.156
  • Roberts, Jeyn, Dark Inside, p.185
  • Robinson, Tony, Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders Egyptians, p.173
  • Rodriguez, Béatrice, The Fishing Trip, p.156
  • Rooney, Anne, Die Now or Live Forever (Vampire Dawn) , p.178
  • Ross, Tony, I Want To Win!, p.158
  • Sambrooks, Paul, Dennis and the Big Decision, p.191
  • Sedgwick, Marcus, Fright Forest (Elf Girl & Raven Boy), p.169
  • Shireen, Nadia, Hey, Presto!, p.158
  • Singleton, Debbie and Swain, Holly, The King Who Wouldn't Sleep, p.158
  • Sloan, Holly Goldberg, I'll Be There, p.186
  • Smith, Siân, How Toys Work: Screws, Nuts and Bolts, p.158
  • Souhami, Jessica, Foxy!, p.158
  • Stevens, Roger, The Comic Café, p.169
  • Swindells, Robert, A Skull in Shadows Lane, p.169
  • Tavaci, Elspeth, The Stone of Destiny: Tales from Turkey , p.173
  • Taylor, Andrew, The Adjusters , p.186
  • Taylor, Sean, A Waste of Good Paper, p.186
  • Taylor, Sean and Shaw, Hannah, Who Ate Auntie Iris?, p.160
  • Townsend, John, Crash Dive, p.186
  • Townsend, John, Forensic Secrets (Amazing Crime Scene Science), p.188
  • Tukey, Paul and Rowell, Victoria, Tag, Toss and Run, p.189
  • Van Allsburg, Chris, The Chronicles of Harris Burdick: 14 Amazing Authors Tell the Tales, p.186
  • Vine, Christopher, Peter's Railway Now and Then, p.160
  • Webb, Holly, Lily and the Shining Dragons, p.170
  • Whitson, Signe, Friendship and Other Weapons, p.191
  • Williams, Marcia, Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs, p.173
  • Williams, Marcia, The Elephant's Friend and Other Tales from Ancient India, p.160
  • Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony, Fly, Chick, Fly!, p.160
  • Zevin, Gabrielle, All These Things I've Done, p.186


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