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Weekend Course 2010

The Magic Threshold: Step Into New Worlds
25 - 27 June 2010 · East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham


A new venue at the East Midlands Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham was the setting for this year's successful, packed, stimulating and thought provoking Weekend Course.

The quality of the food and the venue made the networking opportunities all the more enjoyable, and the staff at EMCC made the whole thing run as smoothly and seamlessly as they could.

Keynote speakers included

Authors and illustrators appearing included

A huge thank you to all the publishers who made it possible for these sessions to take place.

Norfolk Children’s Book Centre brought a wonderful selection of books as always, and our exhibition was the largest we have arranged in recent years. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.


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Weekend Course Programme 2010

PDF file, 483 kB

Requires Adobe Reader



1. The Gateway: A Successful Joint Use Library, Secondary School, Community and Adult Learning Centre - Six Years On
An interactive seminar. Step into the world of dual use libraries (school and public) and explore the realities. These include the advantages and disadvantages of sharing buildings, stock, staffing and resources. Dual use has meant that through joined up thinking between school libraries, public libraries, extended schools and local authors we have been able to pioneer innovative projects and inform Public Library policy. The Gateway Library at Theale, Berkshire, acts as a showcase for the school and we also use it as a teaching tool for citizenship and ICT lessons. I will be drawing on our experience at Theale, knowledge of local dual use libraries and information gained through the SLA guidelines on dual use that I am working on with two colleagues.
Judith Palka, Librarian at The Gateway: Theale Library and Adult Learning Centre

2. Pin It Up: Creative and Innovative Displays for Primary School Libraries
Lucy offers her tips and insights as a librarian and TA in a busy primary school, with responsibilites including purchasing, stock control, general management, library SIP, library policy, promoting the library and its events, as well as overall budget control. She has a passion for reading and books and a drive to inspire children to read through the use of an effective library. She is currently School Librarian of the Year 2009.

Lucy Bakewell, Library Manager, Hill West Primary School

3. The Write Path: Travelling the World... Virtually
For the past two years international colleagues and I have celebrated International School Libraries Month in a big way with the help of students with wonderful imaginations and a curiosity about web 2.0 technology. Over 30 authors and 3 illustrators have aided us on our quest - a mission to foster a love of writing in these young people using the online media they adore to enthuse them about prose. Each Write Path event has been a rollercoaster white knuckle ride with thrills and spills galore but it's been great fun and so very rewarding. Come along to this session and find out how it was done and how you too can traverse the globe via the internet.
Bev Humphrey, Literacy, School Libraries and
Technology Consultant

4. Catching Them When They're Young: Strategies for Tackling Plagiarism
Why do children plagiarise? Is it because they are lazy, afraid to fail, or lack confidence in their own ideas? Or is it more the point that we may be asking the worng questions and actually setting tasks that encourage children to regurgitate rather than create new meaning? These early experiences then set up a false view of research that can last a lifetime. This workshop will look at ways in which both primary and secondary schoolscould tackle plagiarism, effectively embedding good research skills throughout the school, and the central role of the school librarian in this effort.
Anne-Marie Tarter, School Librarian, Ripon Grammar
School and Marianne Bradnock, Head of Information
Services, Dulwich College

5. Web 2.0: Cross the Magic Threshold into Collaborative Working
A Powerpoint presentation showcasing ways to collaborate with other schools and how to build your own CPD, all using free tools which you can find easily on the internet. The following tools will be showcased: Twitter, Skype, Voicethread, Diigo and Delicious, Google Docs and possibly Wave, Slideshare, Flickr, Survey Monkey. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions.
Caroline Roche, Resources Centre Manager, Holmesdale
Technology College

6. Using Manga and Graphic Novels with Young People
A workshop/lecture on the history of graphic novels and manga and how to use them in a library setting. This will benefit any school librarians who have an interest in the artform or would like to brush up on their knowledge and experience with manga/GNs.
Matt Imrie, Teen Librarian, Enfield

7. Magic New Worlds
A playful and interactive experiential journey through the magic threshold, with incantational sound, resonant rhythm and physical imagination igniting the alchemy and joy of lyrical language. Discover the inspired genius of the bard within, and sing with the integrity of the source once more, if not butterscotch sauce. Guaranteed to get every library book flapping its incandescent wings, and every librarian rattling the biscuit tin like a tambourine, before possibly remembering the musical malteser power of a secret whisper: ‘Poetry evokes out of words the resonance of the primordial word’ —Gerhard Hauptmann.
Philip Wells, The Fire Poet

8. Primary School Librarians: How We Made It Happen In Tower Hamlets
Starting from the premise that primary schools need good libraries, this session will examine the various strategies Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service has employed to get the message across to head teachers that without a librarian, a library is just a roomful of books.
Gillian Harris, Head of Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service

9. Mad About Books: Stockport Schools' Book Awards
A workshop introducing Stockport’s Book Awards.
Susan Smith, Senior Librarian Stockport SLS


A. Singing from the Rooftops: A Brief Introduction to Marketing, Promotion and Advocacy for School Librarians
This short taster session addresses the key elements of effective marketing, promotion and advocacy for school libraries. It draws upon Jerry’s training and consultancy in this field.
Jerry Hurst, Freelance consultant

B. Social Networking and Young People: Is it Global Citizenship or Infantilisation of the Brain? (Or, How Do Libraries Connect With Young People?)
This presentation discusses the conflicting arguments in the media and education and puts forward the positive message that, as librarians, we are the gatekeepers of a global revolution and if we want to communicate with young people we are the ones who must learn. Our role is to guide, inform and stay alert to impacting new shifts on a web scale. We cannot be King Canutes!
Anne Louise Anglim, West Dunbartonshire Council, Young People's Library Services

C. Special Powers: Working With Your School Community to Create a New Library
In these times, school librarians are often asked to achieve very much with very little money, so collaboration with others is crucial for any larger scale project. This interactive seminar looks at effective ways of working with various people in the school community to set up a new library. We will be using the process of setting up a new primary school library as an example but the seminar is relevant to anybody who is looking to significantly change their library or create a new one, including those from the secondary sector. It is also of interest to delegates who work in primary schools and are looking to improve their libraries.
Annike Dase, Head of Library Services at Trent College
and the Elms

D. On the Road: Bali Rai, Pete Johnson and Craig Simpson discuss the ups and downs of being event extraordinaires
Do you want to engage children with fantastic author visits? Liaise with top children’s authors about visiting your library? Would you like to plan their visit with precision and flair? Then this panel event is for you! This talk features some of Random House Children’s Books biggest event extraordinaires on the children’s circuit: Bali Rai, Pete Johnson and Craig Simpson. All three are fantastic at events and have experience of doing events across the length and breadth of the country establishing great contacts with libraries. They will talk about the impact author visits have on children, how it can inspire and drive children to read and write themselves, and build lasting memories.
Bali Rai, author, Pete Johnson, author, and Craig
, author. Sponsored by Random House
Children’s Books


T1. Opening the Book: BookSpace Launch and Consultation
Opening the Book launch a new BookSpace shelving system for school libraries. How can we make libraries more attractive to young people? We've been gathering ideas, feedback and frustrations and, with your help, we have created a flexible, modular system which solves lots of spatial problems. This session will explore how the physical presentation of books influences student attitudes to reading and what librarians, teachers and school library services can do to give learners of all ages a positive book experience.

T2. Demco: Giraffes' ears, crab pincers and butterfly wings
Giraffes' ears, crab pincers and butterfly wings emerged as concepts for school library furniture design when we carried out some student workshops and asked students how they would like to use their school library. We learned a lot including the importance of connected cocooning, private study space, supervision and linked up learning. As library designers we often see the consequence of school libraries designed without adequate thought and consideration given to the design and furnishings and with little or no consultation with students and school librarians. Share with us some insight into common design problems and how these can be avoided, plus hear exclusive feedback from our Creative Lab workshops, where students created their own mood boards and talked about their vision for a school library.

T3. Softlink: Softlink User Group
with Peter Barr


Bookshop was run by Norfolk Children's Book Centre

Course Directors

  • Annike Dase
  • Liz Smith
  • Lin Smith