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Response to North Lanarkshire Council decision

29 June 2022 Share

Earlier this week the SLA learned of the decision of North Lanarkshire to cut all 23 posts across the region.

SLA CEO, Alison Tarrant said: "We are dismayed at the implementation of the 2020 decision to cut all secondary school librarian roles in North Lanarkshire. The pandemic has proven how vital school libraries are for access to resources, and providing children with a space to work, read, and create. The work that these school library staff do to support and promote a lifelong love of reading cannot be replaced, not to mention the fact that these children will now not have the benefit of developing their media and information literacy skills - skills which are increasingly vital in today's world of mis- and dis-information. 

I would welcome further explanation from the council as to how this decision will 'provide wider access to library resources for young people across North Lanarkshire.' Wider access without the staff to support it is of little use to children, or to the teaching staff who will now face increased workload as a consequence of this decision. We urge them to reconsider."

If you would like to support the petition against this decision, you can do so here.