500 Words Needs Your help

04 March 2019 Share


Are you a teacher or a librarian? We are looking for help to judge some of the amazing stories in the 500 Words Competition.  Last year just over 134,000 stories were submitted so help is needed to mark the first round of stories:


•             We're looking for volunteer teachers and librarians (retired and in training too!) to help us judge this year's amazing stories.

•             Can you “assess the written work of children aged 13 and under?" - If this applies then please head to www.bbc.co.uk/500words  for more info and to register

•             On registering for an account you will also be asked to select which age group you wish to mark: 5-9 or 10-13.

•             Approved judges will receive a batch of randomly allocated stories (around 20) once the competition has closed, with just over 3 weeks to mark.

•             We make sure that our judges don’t receive any stories from writers in their own region, so there’s no chance of you accidentally being asked to mark a story from your own class or child.