04 November 2019 Share

Offer from author Tom Palmer


Tom Palmer would like to hear from teachers and librarians to nominate children they think would benefit from a gift of a book at Christmas. He will give books to children who do not have any books at home; to children who need that one special book that could help engage them with a lifetime of reading for pleasure; or, to children who have had a difficult year at school or home and a book would be a boost for them.

Each book will be personally dedicated, signed, gift-wrapped and will come with a Christmas card. Those nominating can choose from any of his books for children.Tom has set an upper limit of 50 donations and will dispatch the books in the first week of December 2019.

If you’d like to nominate a child, please email the following information to by Saturday 30th November 2019:

1. the child’s name (this will not be published and will be kept in full confidence)

2. a short paragraph explaining why you are nominating that child

3. your choice of book for them from one of the books listed at

4. your name and school address (where the book will be sent)