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ComicScene comic and graphic novel offer

08 April 2020 Share

ComicScene is offering schools help towards getting comics and graphic novels into the hands of young people (and not so young!).

Free back issue comics can be downloaded here https://comicscene.org/free-comics/

The latest edition of the comic is being made available to pupils and parents via schools by means of fundraising pack options here  https://comicscene.org/fundraiser-pack/

Parents purchase for download and nominate your school to build up a fund to purchase graphic novels once school reopens.

This offer will last until 1st July 2020.

Schools just need to promote to pupils and parents with no financial costs to themselves. 

ComicScene 13 celebrates 70 years of Eagle and Dan Dare and comes out 14th April - exactly 70 years after the original Eagle Comic.