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    David McKee from Booktrust website

David McKee wins BookTrust's Lifetime Achievement Award

24 September 2020 Share

David McKee has won the prestigious BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award, becoming the seventh creator to do so.

David, who has a career that spans over 60 years, is known for creating beloved children's classics including Elmer, Mr Benn and Not Now, Bernard - stories that are still beloved by young people today.

His first book was Two Can Toucan, published in 1964, and David has since gone on to write and illustrate over 50 picture books for Andersen Press.

Speaking about the power of children's books, David said: 

'Children's books can contribute to changing attitudes and are instrumental in helping them shape their view of the world.' Picture books are a child's first glimpse into the art world and in some way, especially with some of my books, the illustrations are actually more important than the story.'

He was chosen to receive the award by a panel of judges: chair Nicolette Jones, author and illustrator James Mayhew, storyteller Jan Blake, author Katherine Rundell and writer SF Said.

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