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Dyslexia Awareness Week

04 October 2019 Share

Dyslexia is not uncommon and many of the aids used for those with dyslexia will help other students (and staff) too. The school library of all places should be offering this to the school community. Changes do not need to cost the earth, don't have to draw attention to the condition but should help all library users.
Guides & posters should not be all text based. A few pictures can make the point
Fonts on notices should be non serif

Fonts in books are less easy to control, but a well known publisher designs books specifically for dyslexic students. Ensure you stock some titles as well as others aimed at dyslexia

Reduce the glare of black print on white background

Know which pupils have been diagnosed and may need more help searching for resources

Check the website and tweet what strategies you use which have been helpful #dyslexiaawarenessweek