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Empathy Day

09 June 2021 Share

Empathy Day on 10th June this year is now bigger than ever and also more important than ever to our children who have suffered disproportionally in the last 15 months. 

If you haven’t already, it's not too late to get your toolkits - just email:




Check out the activities during the day and make time to fit in one or two into your usual routine.

• Go on an Empathy Walk 

• Have your #ReadForEmpathy recommendations ready 

• Decide on your Empathy Resolution to make a difference, and if possible make a poster ready to share 

There are templates to help with all of this on the website.

Plus a range of famous faces talking about what Empathy means to them


Take a look at the 2021 lists here

The books can be purchased as a pack with discount from Peters, although you can also buy individual titles if you have some in school already.

The Empathy Lists for 2022 will be different titles, and, as a judge, the books are arriving on my doorstep, enabling me to read a wide variety of excellent titles, not all of which because of space limits will make it onto the lists, but are still amazing books for different reasons. We have yet to hold our first meeting to fight for our favourites and it is fascinating to hear the viewpoints of others championing a book which may have appealed less to me. Some are quick reads, others need more time plus recovery time because of the strength of feeling. All have a place in our students' lives and as educators we want to offer them that solace which reading can bring. It is not forcing them necessarily talk to adults about how they are feeling, but being there for them to discuss the books which helps them look objectively at someone else's situation. We all need more empathy in our lives and this focus today helps give us just that.