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Excelsior Award for graphic novels

16 January 2020 Share

Graphic novels are a form of novel, much loved by many children and adults, but sometimes feared by some adults as they are unsure of the content. Never fear, all titles on the Excelsior Award shortlists are chosen for their quality, popularity and variety of genre and artistic styles. The other main criteria for inclusion on the shortlist is that the titles have to be age-appropriate and have to have been published in the previous calendar year. 

The Excelsior Award is now split up into four different shortlists:
Excelsior Award White, for students aged 9 and over (Key Stage 2)
Excelsior Award Blue, for students aged 11 and over (Key Stage 3)
Excelsior Award Red, for students aged 14 and over (Key Stage 4)
Excelsior Award Black, for students aged 16 and over (Sixth Form)
Each shortlist consists of five books - graphic novels and/or manga.
More details about the awards can be found here http://www.excelsioraward.co.uk/shortlists2020.html as well as registration for 2020.
So open up your selection and join in today.