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Independent Schools’ Inspectorate’s New Inspection Framework

20 July 2022 Share

I recently attended a webinar about the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate’s new inspection framework, which comes into effect from September 2023. Their site contains a range of information and documentation relating to the proposals. 

ISI want to gather feedback on these proposals from as many people as possible, including schools and their associations, parents and pupils. Please visit the Have your say section to take part in the consultation, which is open until 16 September 2022.

There are prepared answers to some of the most common questions relating to the proposals, consultation and process for change. If your question is not covered then please email 

Some things are remaining the same:

• Reporting the extent standards are met

• Meeting the requirements of ISI’s appointment

• Inspection cycle timings – one every three years

• Capturing the distinctiveness of each school

Now when looking at school leadership the focus will be on the decision making and impact that makes. 

Children’s wellbeing will be a focus, with schools asked to promote the following five aspects: 

• Pupils' physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing

• Protection of pupils from harm and neglect

• Pupils' education, training and recreation

• Pupils' contribution to society

• Pupils' social and economic wellbeing

CPD opportunities will be offered by involving colleagues in inspections. This shadowing will be targeted at new and aspiring leaders.

All reports will include areas of action, whether a school meets or does not meet standards.

ISI will be recruiting volunteer schools for pilot inspections during Autumn 2022. 

Although I raised the importance of the school library in the curriculum and also for pupils’ wellbeing during the webinar, any school librarian can feed back with their own points about the school library (or anything else) using the survey link.