Temporary Adjustments to CLA Licences for Schools and HE Institutions

14 April 2020 Share

Publishers have been responding generously to support schools and higher education institutions forced to adapt to remote teaching following closures due to COVID-19. Publishers’ Licensing Services (PLS)  has made some temporary adjustments to both the schools and HE collective licences administered by Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) 

This is only possible as a result of the support and co-operation of educational publishers and the endorsement of the PLS Board. These licence adjustments represent an important contribution to the effort to continue educating our pupils and students during this exceptional period and respond to requests from both the schools and university sectors for a relaxation of current licence terms. 

The PLS thanks all publishers whose materials are used in education for their continuing support for collective licensing and continues to work with CLA, with schools' support, to ensure they can continue to deliver revenues for publishers from the education sector at current levels.

The adjustments are as follows:

CLA education licence for schools

Until the earlier of a return to normality or 31 July 2020, the current ownership requirement and 5% limit on copying from printed books will be adjusted as follows:

Teachers will be able to:

• copy up to 30% of a printed book, including from a scanned book held on a school’s VLE;

• copy from books owned by teachers personally in addition to those owned by their school;

• copy up to 30% from digital books available on CLA’s Education Platform where schools and teachers are registered to use the Platform.

The following conditions will apply:

1. Teachers will be required to record details of copies they make on a simple web form to enable CLA to monitor usage (usage on the Education Platform is automatically monitored)

2. Workbooks, workcards or assignment sheets continue to be excluded from the CLA licence

3. The CLA licence must not substitute for purchase of the original book.

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CLA education licence for Higher Education Institutions using CLA’s Digital Content Store (DCS)

Until the earlier of a return to normality or 30 June 2020, the current ownership requirement and 10% limit on copying from printed books will be adjusted as follows:

HEIs will be able to:

• make use of an extract held in the DCS (where they do not own or cannot currently acquire the original) or scan extracts from personal copies belonging to academic staff and

• in the case of printed books published by publishers that have opted in only copy up to 30% or 3 chapters, whichever is the greater.

The following conditions apply:

1. No digital edition is available through commercial channels;

2. The amendments do not cover anthologies, plays or poetry;

3. All usage will be reported and tagged, facilitating content access monitoring and reporting to CLA in case any abuse occurs;

4. A report on any additional reported usage will be made available to participating publishers after six weeks and further data will be available on request;

5. CLA will ensure all extracts uploaded under this special provision are removed from the DCS as soon as normality resumes or at the latest by the end of the current academic year on 30 June 2020 and will publicise to the sector to make them aware once this special provision is no longer in force. 

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