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Update on Covid advice and School Libraries

24 May 2021 Share

There are now more details available about the spread of infection with regard to Covid 19. Fomites from Covid have not been proven to cause any infections, as we now know that it is airborne.

School libraries can choose to sanitise book covers and put them back on the shelves if they wish, although if the quarantine period is not causing a hold up or storage problems, you can continue to quarantine. 

Librarians should follow the Covid instructions of their own schools. Whatever applies in the classrooms to materials - are you sanitising every textbook for example? - also applies to the library. Mask wearing in the school's public places applies to the school library.

The risk assessment devised last year is still relevant, even if your risk in school has changed, as this initiates the dialogue among the people to make the decisions – SLT and Library staff.

That can be found here:

Announcement concerning COVID-19 guidance for school librarians - CILIP: the library and information association

Please also see the Service Recovery Hub from CILIP Service Recovery Hub - CILIP: the library and information association  or 

Public Health England  Coronavirus Resources - Knowledge and Library Services