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COP26: Virtual Book Showcase For Climate Change

29 October 2021 Share

Free climate change resources are available to schools during COP26 thanks to a publisher partnership

Climate change has been increasingly on the agenda as more and more young people become concerned about its effect on their lives in the future. 

There has been a corresponding rise in the number of books being published around this topic, and the Reading Agency chose the theme Wild World Heroes in collaboration with WWF for its Summer and Winter Reading challenges this year, to help young people explore more about how to make a difference to the environment. At the SLA, we have seen this rise in books on this topic most prominently through the Information Book Award - 2020 was a bumper year for books about fighting plastic, the environment and nature ( 

As the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference starts at the end of this month, a partnership between publishers and an international charity has seen hundreds of climate change resources become available for free to schools for use in the classroom.

Exact Editions has been working with the International Publishers Association, the Publishers Association and Save The Children to showcase over 140 books from 39 publishers that span a wide variety of content addressing the urgent and important challenge of climate change.

The resource is suitable for students of all age groups and showcases an international collaboration of titles including collections in French and German-language, all with a collective aim to spread awareness of the climate crisis across society, both for the world of today and future generations.

The showcase will be free, with open access for 26 days from the 28th October before, during and after the Glasgow meeting until the 22nd November.

The Exact Editions platform is designed to aid teaching both onsite and remotely. We have included some of the most useful features below:

1. Every magazine or book spread has a unique URL that can be copied and pasted to make sure that all students are taken back to the same page or to use as a reference to come back to later: 

2.When using applications such as Zoom education staff can use the screen share feature to discuss particular articles and features or to demonstrate how to use the platform.

3. The Exact Editions platform enables students to seamlessly view the available content both in home study and during lessons using thumbnails of the book covers to browse the collection. Staff are also able to easily demonstrate how to navigate the content by sharing their screen with students.

To navigate the content of an individual book, readers need to simply click on the front cover and then use the arrow keys on the bottom toolbar (or arrow button on the keyboard) to flick through the pages.

Alternatively, readers can also use the linked page numbers on the contents page to take them through to specific articles as shown in the demonstration below:

4. Staff and students can search the entire collection by keyword, enhancing the content of the books and also streamlining their research. Why not try setting a research task on a specific topic and seeing what your students come up with!

To search the entire collection, simply type in your term into the search bar. For example; a reader may want to search for “pollution” as a topic for their research. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are over 200 results for pollution in the collection.

You can then click the search result that you wish to view, and the search term will be highlighted in the text itself. See the example below:

Or, you can use the search bar whilst browsing a specific book in order to narrow your search to just that title:

The showcase can also be viewed in publisher collections, allowing readers to explore the books provided by a specific publisher. This can be done by selecting the “Collections” button on the bottom toolbar of the home page.

We also offer a “Treasure Hunt on Climate Change” quiz resource which encourages students to interact with the collection and search for the answers.  

Please find the official link to the main showcase below:

Please share this link with all staff and students encouraging them to make full use of the resources!

Contact if you would like to be sent the quiz or if you have any questions about the platform or the showcase.