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Farshore Insights from 2021 revealed

30 March 2022 Share

Every year Farshore (previously Egmont) release insights into the publishing market and some research they've carried out. Here Elly reports a few of the notable items from this year.

In 2019, 51.71 million books were bought. In 2021, 60.43 million books were bought – almost 9 million more and an increase of 15%. In 2019, the market was worth £323.8m. In 2021, it was worth £372.4m – up £48.6m, an increase of 17%.

In 2012, 38% of 0-17s read ‘every day or nearly every day’ for pleasure. In 2021, this has reduced to 25% or ¼, (despite the previous COVID lockdowns and children having limited options). So, this means approximately 7.7 million children read less often than this, and 2.8 million children read ‘rarely or never’; total 10.5 million children are not reading every day for pleasure. 

Screen time dominates children’s leisure (and school work) time, reducing the amount of time children have for other leisure activities. They said there is a direct correlation between an increase in screen time and a decrease in reading for pleasure.

They also said the benefits of reading for pleasure for attainment and wellbeing do not seem to be widely understood or known about by parents, with just 34% of parents of under 13s saying reading for pleasure helps their children do well in all school subjects.  

Read more about Farshore's research here: Reading for Pleasure and Purpose.