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Book Clubs in Schools Team Up with Walker Books for Summer Book Club

31 May 2022 Share

Featuring Twitch By M.G. Leonard

Book Clubs in Schools has joined forces with Walker Books to run a summer book club which features an engaging set of questions and activities based around everyone reading the same book. The book club is aimed at new Year 7s who do it over the summer as part of their preparation for secondary school. It will help build their confidence as readers and means that they when they start school they will all have something in common.

Walker Books is offering the e-book version of Twitch for only 99p and discounted print copies for schools to purchase in bulk. The finale event, a live author Q&A with M.G .Leonard, will take place on September 16th at 9am.  

M.G. Leonard said: ‘I'm thrilled that the summer book club is using Twitch as the featured book, it is an exciting, mystery adventure about friendship, bravery and birds, as well as a celebration of the natural world. There are lots of activities to do and will be a great way to get out and explore outdoors.’ 

Beth Ginsburg and Ali Palmer, the co-directors of BCiS, said: ‘We are delighted to team up with Walker Books to run this free programme and create fun activities to help prepare pupils to start secondary school. They can then share what they have learnt with their new peers in September and enjoy the live Q&A which is being facilitated by Speakers for Schools’