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Coming soon... the CLA Data Collector App

28 June 2022 Share

Provide feedback and receive £250 for your school!

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) provides the Education Licence to UK state schools and colleges, which allows you and your colleagues to reuse and share published works, whether copying, scanning or uploading to the VLE for example. This saves valuable time and money by removing the need to seek permission from individual rightsholders. 

As a non-profit organisation, the fees they collect are paid as royalties to the authors, publishers and artists of the works that educators use. From time to time, a school or college is asked to provide information on what has been reused so that these royalties can be paid. Their Data Collector app is a simple, sustainable way for them to collect this information whilst reducing the reporting time and effort for teachers, tutors and other practitioners. 

What is the app? 

The CLA Data Collector app is a folder that sits alongside your Google Classroom drive. Any copied or digital content that you think might be a published work, or contain an extract from a published work, can be dropped into the folder as a PDF or image file. CLA can then retrieve the information made available and identify the creator(s) so that they can receive a royalty payment. 

Why they need your help

CLA need your help to test the app and get your feedback on how you feel about using it. All you need to do is download the app, link your classes to the drive and drop some files into the folder every now and then. Full details on how to use the app and give feedback will be provided. 

And that’s it! If you can arrange for 3 – 5 practitioners to road test the app and feed back to the CLA, they will donate £250 to your school or a charity of your choice!

Interested? If you’d like to be involved or simply want to find out more, you can email, Data Research Manager for Education at CLA. 

For more information about CLA and the Education Licence please visit