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How to Motivate Yourself to Study from Home

22 January 2021 Share

A Resource for 13-18 Year Olds by Natasha Devon MBE

In 2020, schools and colleges throughout the world first went into lockdown as a result of the global pandemic. For millions of young people who had been used to learning in a classroom, that meant trying to do their work from their bedrooms or kitchen tables, often alongside parents who were also trying to work from home. 

Unfortunately, many find themselves back in that same situation now as they begin the first term of 2021. Navigating this challenging new way of learning isn’t easy, which is why author Natasha Devon is providing something to help children on this journey. 

Adapted from her popular book, Yes You Can Ace Your Exams without Losing your Mind, this resource aims to provide children with some simple tips to help them rise to the challenge of home-learning, as well as explore what drives and inspires them.

Download here.