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IBA Spotlight: Tiffany Jewell

06 October 2021 Share

Meet the author of 'This Book is Anti-Racist'

The SLA's Information Book Award (IBA) shortlist was announced earlier this year. On that list of incredible information books in the age 13-16 category, we're thrilled to have Tiffany Jewell's This Book is Anti-Racist (illustrated by Aurélia Durand, published by Frances Lincoln).

A clear-headed, informative and modern treatise on racism from all angles, this important read doesn't flinch from tough while still remaining optimistic and encouraging. Ideal for politically-minded young people but deserving of a place in every library collection, we're delighted to have Tiffany provide further insight into creating this powerful read.

What’s your favourite fact that you learnt from creating the book?

I loved writing the history chapters because I love history and there's so much truth we have not been taught or told. Researching and writing about the Grenfell Tower fire and teasing out the misuse and abuse of power by institutions was something I didn't know a lot about. I loved being able to share the story of Stephen Lawrence with young readers. I loved highlighting the resistance of the folx who fought for justice throughout history.

What’s your favourite page of the book and why?

I love the first page - the "Waking Up"  illustration by Aurélia Durand. The page so beautifully sets the tone for the book. We wanted to share that the work of antiracism is a journey and one that can begin any day/any moment. I also love all of the little details Aurélia added in. 

What is it about writing information books that you enjoy?

I love being able to share - share my story and the stories of our histories. Writing books is like having conversations with every reader. I'm so honoured to have people read what I've written and to know that there are so many who are working for a more just and antiracist society!  

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You can follow Tiffany on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit her website here.

people, and deserves a place in every library collection.