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Interviewees Wanted

16 August 2021 Share

Help us to explore the impact of school library staff on pupil wellbeing

Funded by the Great School Libraries campaign and conducted as part of a SPUR studentship at Nottingham Trent University, a study is currently taking place to investigate the role of school library staff in pupil’s wellbeing. 

Through working with the Great School Libraries Campaign, the importance of the library space and staff on pupil’s wellbeing was emphasised and this study was conducted to further investigate it. Co-investigator Lauren James is looking for participants to take part in semi-structured interviews that will provide an in-depth understanding of how libraries can affect pupil’s mental and emotional wellbeing from a librarian’s perspective. These interviews would ideally be conducted before schools reopen.

The report will then be used by the Great School Libraries Campaign as evidence to further explain the importance of libraries and librarian staff to the government.

If you are interested in taking part, please find more information on the participant information sheet and get in touch with Lauren James at

Download information sheet here