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Moments of the Month: January

21 January 2021 Share

Celebrating the small moments that make working in school libraries really special.

As we enter 2021 and a new, challenging term, we wanted to spread some positivity and share some brilliant moments from last month that made you smile...

"I've been visiting Year 8 and 9 English classes to promote library stock. I talk about all of the books that I take so that the students know a little about them before they sign them out. A number of students have popped in to see me to say how much they have appreciated the talks and enjoyed the books they borrowed. It is now a half termly fixture."

- Sarah van de Weg, St Joseph's College

"I received this from a Year 7 student at the end of the Autumn term: 'Thank you so much for making reading lessons one of my favourites! I have really enjoyed them. Also, thank you so much for recommending 'October, October' to me. I really love it when I get my nose stuck in a good book. Merry Christmas!' That, along with a Year 8 student who struggled to engage with reading in Year 7, finishing a full length novel I recommended, stating she 'actually enjoyed it!' and asking for the sequel has made the whole term worth it. We really can make a difference."

- Michelle Armstrong-Harris, Rodborough School, Surrey

"Following a lack of engagement with reading by our Year 8 students who cannot access the library as it's in the Sixth Form bubble, I visited all Year 8 English classes to publicise our 'Click and Deliver' service, self-reservations and promote our 'pop-up' library. This visit was followed up by a survey to all Year 8 asking if they were still reading, where they were sourcing their reading material from and what their thoughts were on extending Accelerated Reader into Year 8. I followed up any comments from students about not being able to find books to read or asking for suggestions. It was absolutely fantastic to receive this email from a Year 8 parent as a result of this initiative: 'I just wanted to email to really thank you. 'A' has never been interested in reading… until Friday when she returned home with a special parcel of books which were selected for her especially by Mrs Collier.' It's what we do day in and day out, but lovely to receive this great feedback."

- Jane Collier, John Taylor High School

Whether that's a colleague who's supported you, a discussion with pupils or something brilliant that happened in school, let's continue to share some of the positives about working in school libraries. Submit your 'Moment of the Month' here.