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National Literacy Trust launch Primary School Library Review

13 April 2021 Share

Submissions now open for a call for evidence

The SLA are delighted to support the National Literacy Trust (NLT) in their launch of the Primary School Library Review. 

They are currently accepting submissions to a call for evidence designed to hear about the provision and impact of primary school libraries, pre, during and post COVID-19, as well as imagining what the future of primary school libraries might look like.

They are welcoming submissions from librarians, teachers, schools, organisations and charities working within the education space and organisations working with libraries. The questions cover:

  • Primary school libraries before COVID-19
  • Primary school libraries during COVID-19
  • The future of primary school libraries post-COVID-19
  • Other reflections

Our CEO, Alison Tarrant, says:

"Having worked with the NLT and other supporting organisations to reach this stage, we know how important this will be in shining a light on the provision and impact of primary school libraries before, during and after COVID-19. Our own survey, conducted by Softlink, showed that the impact of the pandemic on school libraries has been significant, and every positive step towards recovery counts. 

Primary school covers the formative stages of a child's life, and embedding the enjoyment and wonder of reading for both pleasure and information early will assist them significantly. Many primary schools sadly struggle to offer staffed school libraries to their pupils, and this service is made all the more important as we look to recover socially, academically and mentally from the pandemic. We encourage everyone to support this Review and submit evidence; it's vital that the whole picture is represented so we can provide support where support is needed."

The deadline for submissions is 26th June.

You can see the full scope of the call for evidence here. To submit, either fill out this form or email your submission to