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New Government Commissioned Family Review

28 April 2022 Share

The Children's Commissioner wants to hear from children and their families

‘The Big Ask’, the largest-ever survey of children, demonstrated how important families are to children. 

Children explained how having a supportive family has a positive impact on their lives – from receiving emotional support, to being able to talk with family members about their worries and aspirations for the future.  

With this in mind, the government has now requested that the Children's Commissioner for England explore this work further by conducting the Family Review. This Review will hear directly from children and families and seek to understand the composition of the modern family. It will explore how communities and services provide for families and what can be done to improve these further.

Capturing children’s voices is key to this Review. So, the Commissioner is launching a ‘Call for Action’ to hear from children. They are asking schools for their help with this by promoting the survey, which involves two short questions that allow children to share their view on family life. 

As the Commissioner is also aware that many organisations are doing important work in this space, they are therefore also launching a ‘Call for Evidence’, where they welcome evidence regarding all aspects of modern family life, support systems, and the pressures facing families. 

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