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Tell us what you think this UK Parliament Week!

06 October 2021 Share

Share your thoughts about democracy

Join UK Parliament and the Electoral Commission to share your thoughts about democracy and their work, providing ideas that will help plan events and resources in the future. 

Who is it for?

14–25-year-olds from across the UK are invited to take part. They would like to hear from a mix of people, including those who are currently disengaged or who have limited understanding of democracy, politics, and the work of UK Parliament. 


The session will take place on Tuesday 2 November from 5pm – 7pm on Microsoft Teams. An invitation will be sent to all those who are interested in participating. 

What will happen?

There will be some short activities, as well as a couple of guest speakers. There is no pressure to turn video on. Those who feel  less will be encouraged to write ideas, comments and questions in the chat box. 

What sort of questions will be asked?

The idea is that the conversation is led by the young people, but they will likely be asking about the following: What/how you've learned about the UK’s democracy. Did you learn about it at school? Or did you hear more at home? What would you like to learn more about? How would you like to hear about it? 


Please email Annie at if you'd like to take part.