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The Gruffalo, the Witch and Zog: Stay at home with more from your favourite friends

25 January 2021 Share

Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson present a new series of topical verses and pictures in response to the national crisis.

In a further response to the COVID-19 crisis and the third lockdown we are currently facing, the UK’s number one picture book pairing have been inspired to create nine extraordinary and topical illustrations and verses to help share important messages about staying safe and to help lighten the spirits of families everywhere. 

Whether it is Zog and the Flying Doctors administrating the vaccine, Tiddler being home-schooled, the Witch wishing she could see somebody real or the little brown mouse turning down tea with the owl, Axel and Julia have spectacularly reimagined many of the much-loved characters and worlds from their books for both children and adults alike to find comfort in. 

Axel Scheffler says: “As we find ourselves in the same situation as last spring, when we did the first round of corona-related pictures and rhymes involving the creatures from our books, I thought we should have another go and try to come up with a few more. I had the impression that it amused adults and children to find our characters in similar situations to them and we can all do with something that makes us smile (if briefly) in this long-lasting and rather testing crisis.” 

Julia Donaldson says: “It cheered up my own lockdown when Axel suggested that we produce another series of Covid-related pictures and verses, and I hope the results will cheer other home-bound people a little bit too. To everyone at home – we send our best wishes and hope you keep well.” 

Also, during this lockdown, Julia Donaldson is recording a weekly broadcast with illustrators from her books, including Axel Scheffler. They release every Thursday at 4pm on the websites of Macmillan Children’s Books and Scholastic to entertain and support families at home during this national crisis. Filmed at their homes, the broadcasts feature performances of stories, songs and poems, as well as incredible drawing. See them here and here.