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Competitons to keep children reading over summer

17 July 2020 Share

One for primary which supports the Summer Reading Challenge, and one for KS3 aged pupils

The School Library Association (SLA) is pleased to be joining the Silly Squad this year for the Summer Reading Challenge. To celebrate the silliness and enjoyment that reading a brilliantly funny book can bring, the SLA is running a competition over the summer. 

All you have to do is draw a bookmark celebrating your favourite silly book and then we at the SLA, along with judges from The Reading Agency and Silly Squad Ambassador Laura Ellen Anderson will choose our favourites and turn them into actual bookmarks for your school. 

There are two categories: 4-7 and 8-11. The deadline for entries is 7th August and the winners will be announced on 17th August. You can enter here: https://airtable.com/shr1IEsCxsL7QFVTp 

Entries will be judged on:

- Humour

- Originality

- Artistic skills

- Design skills

The SLA is also running a separate competition for Years 7-9. They need to create a recommendation of their favourite read to encourage someone else to read it using whatever creative content they want – so it could be a bookmark or a poster, or something digital. The shortlisted entries will be listed on the website, and the deadline is 14th August 2020. You can enter here: https://airtable.com/shrwLli50IX6W0ZZh The prize for this one will depend on the winning entry, but there will be some books for the school as well as something for the creator.

Entries will be judged on:

- Originality

- Effectiveness

- Creativity

And don't feel bad if you're feeling left out as an adult... head over to Instagram for our #SLAsummerfun challenge!


The Summer Reading Challenge:

The Silly Squad is a team of animal friends who love to go on adventures and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books. This year, the Challenge features extra special characters designed by the award-winning author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson, who you’ll know from amazing reads like Amelia Fang and Evil Emperor Penguin!

You can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer at sillysquad.org.uk. The new online platform will help you keep track of your books, reviews and the rewards you unlock along the way.