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Empathy Day on 9 June

23 April 2020 Share

Spreading the message

Empathy Day is on 9 June – such an important way of spreading the message about the importance of empathy, and the power of books to build it. 

EmpathyLab is busy reshaping the Day, which will be a participatory, programmed day with author-led events online, and home based activities. They’ll be publishing the programme next week, and meanwhile are encouraging EVERY school to take part, and to start planning by accessing an Early Years and Schools Toolkit and author readings of the featured books. 

Five Next Steps to join in/access the resources:

1. Use the Schools and Early Years Toolkits for home schooling activities in Countdown fortnight. To get them email primary@empathylab.uk or secondary@empathylab.uk

2. Encourage families to use the Family Activities Pack, available from 18 May, by sharing the link with them

3. Join in #Empathy Day on 9 June: as a school, and by encouraging mass family participation

4. Use the 2020 Read For Empathy Collection and Guides (https://www.empathylab.uk/2020-read-for-empathy-collections). Look out for free downloadable audio books from Audible, and ebooks from your local library service, and support your local independent bookshop.

5. Like their Facebook page, and link up with them on Twitter and Instagram at @EmpathyLabUK.