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Improving Literacy: Tracking Efficiency and Impact in the School Library by Karan Kaur

03 August 2020 Share

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Improving Literacy: Tracking Efficiency and Impact in the School Library is a new book in the SLA's Voices series by Karan Kaur. It outlines the author's personal experience as a school librarian, in particular the programmes and strategies she implemented that have resulted in borrowing figures increasing substantially. She also looks at how this impacts greatly on school literacy levels – leading to the assertion that the school library is crucial to the successful delivery of literacy within the school. 

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About the Author Karan Kaur left school at 16 and started her own food manufacturing business in the West Midlands. She worked for a variety of industries including business advice, project management and technical writing. She lived 10 years in Dubai, working and living among some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Since 2016, she has been librarian at Cockshut Hill Secondary School; where the pupil catchment covers some of the most deprived areas in the United Kingdom. She regenerated an abandoned library using business methods – the success of which led to her appointment as Trust Librarian for Summit Trust to help establish libraries in all Summit Schools. She is a Trustee of the School Library Association.