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Announcement of IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Award 2020

04 May 2020 Share

IBBY Awards for Writing and Illustration

Junko Yokota, Chair of the Jury for the 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Award announced the winners of the 2020 IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Award during the first IBBY virtual press conference on 4 May 2020.

The 2020 winners are Jacqueline Woodson of the U.S.A., for Writing, and Albertine of Switzerland, for Illustration.

Jacqueline Woodson creates books with incisive insights for a wide range of audiences, from very young children to adults. The dossier notes her books “feature lyrical language, powerful characters, and an abiding sense of hope. The dialogues are pitch-perfect, the stories are raw and fresh, and the endings satiate the reader.”

Albertine creates books with multiple levels of interpretation as an illustrator, but also as an author. Her dossier states that she is “known for work that expresses spontaneity combined with attention to detail, infinite precision as well as a sense of humor.”

Read more: https://www.ibby.org/awards-activities/awards/ibby-2020-awards-announcement