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Innovation at Accessit Library

08 June 2022 Share

As part of the lead up to our Weekend Course, headline sponsor Accessit's Jen Winn shares her experience of evaluating and choosing Accessit for her school and the journey thereafter

Moving library management system can be a huge deal. There are a lot of things to consider, including the mental workload, where in the term you are, when your current renewal period is, who you need to persuade in school, and absorbing what your new LMS can do for you.

Trawling through websites and trying to glean information can feel a bit endless, especially if it’s squeezed in between library lessons and events, drop ins and staff coming in for a bit of therapy, student disclosures and and and.... Actually finding time to project manage the move to a new system was half of the battle when I moved to Accessit, never mind learning all I could about the company I was potentially moving to. These are all things I’ve discovered about Accessit Library from my time as a customer and now as part of the Accessit team. A kind of Librarian’s Guide to “Why Accessit?”.


Accessit is a company with a mission: to support schools with library management, reading for pleasure, building whole-school reading communities and even extending this out past the school gate to home. Everything that is done within Accessit strives to find ways to further the support given to schools, to create resources you can use not just in the library but throughout a connected, embedded curriculum. The staff at Accessit all work together to share ideas, work on feature requests, create resources that schools can use and are always looking ahead to the next thing we can do to support schools and their libraries.


Working with schools is a challenge that not everyone understands. They have their own rules, they move at their own speed, things can change at the drop of a hat and everyone is so busy. Accessit purposefully seeks out and chooses staff who have all worked in schools. They’re school librarians (technically ex-school librarians, but you’re never really an ex-school librarian), who’ve been in your shoes and understand the pressures you’re under. They have a wealth of library knowledge behind them, and come from secondaries, independents, primaries, School Library Services, international schools and some have experience of public libraries, too.


Accessit Library is the first Library Management System with an Author in Residence! Matt Dickinson has signed up to be our author (and explorer) in residence and already Accessit has paid for school visits across the country for both customer and non-customer schools. Many who may not have the budget to afford an author visit can still inspire their students with inspirational, aspirational events. 

Matt is also working with us to create whole-school accessible content for our schools to run with feeder primary schools, curriculum team-ups, in library lessons or as home learning to feed that passion for reading and engaging with literature and keep that enthusiasm high.


In yet another first, choosing Accessit not only means that you’re getting a system with a wealth of education experience behind it and its staff, but you're investing in one that seamlessly supports you in the day-to-day running of your library and automatically gives you the richest resource records of any LMS going.

An account with Accessit means you get an account with SCIS data, as well as an account with Syndetics Unbound from Proquest, giving you the richest resource records out of any system as standard and saving you up to a massive £1,665 compared to an individual subscription to SCIS and Syndetics Unbound on top of the cost of your current system.

We’re really proud that an account with Accessit library means that, by default, your students are being given as much rich, engaging, school appropriate information as possible to make an informed decision on their reading choices without being overwhelmed. Couple that with our customisable Web App and our integrations with Accelerated Reader, Clickview, Wheelers ePlatform, Browns VLeBooks, Sora from Overdrive and many others and you know you’re going to be supported however your library runs.


Accessit Library has a range of reports to help you identify students who may be falling through the cracks, report on Pupil Premium or SEND students, provide percentages of loans per group, prove that you have differentiation in place for less able students and more able students, as well as naturally gathers all of the information Inspectors need when visiting schools which means no mad scramble once you get The Call. 

Just by being used in school by you and your students, Accessit organically collects evidence of connected curriculums, proof of opportunities for personal development, inclusion, and all of the other things that you need to show.


Although we have many standalone schools with us, we’re also a big hit with Trusts. We’ve been adopted across entire Trusts, and have a range of Trust Tools to help with this. We have Trust-wide reporting, the ability to share resources and Web App content across Trusts, plus the option to pay as an entire Trust or as individual schools as needed.


It’s not just Trusts who love Accessit, of course. We’re established in many international and independent schools, including Independent School of the Decade Brighton College, who have been a customer for years. You’ll find Accessit in libraries around the world, with more coming on every day.

There is a lot more of Accessit to discover than what is outlined above, but all of this would have helped me make a decision about moving or been useful to discuss with SLT when I was making my decision about the best library management system for me and my library. 

We’re always happy to talk about Accessit, so if you’d like to know more about anything then please get in touch with us!

And don't forget, Accessit are proud sponsors of the SLA 2022 Weekend Course, Lifelong Learners: Journeys of Curiosity, Collaboration and Imagination. Be sure to  join their afternoon session on Friday 10th June and check out their stand in the exhibition over the course of the weekend.