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Pupil Wellbeing publication now in stock

18 September 2020 Share

Written by Barbara Band, this publication is a guide to why we should be acting, what the issues can be and how school library staff can help.

The best way to introduce this publication is with an excerpt from the foreword, written by Stephen Buckley of Mind:

"Mind’s own work with school-age children (2) has demonstrated the importance of having a “trusted adult” in the school environment: someone able to demonstrate empathy, and someone who understands mental health from a young person’s point of view.

As importantly, school-age children want to receive support that is staff initiated, rather than needing to request it. As Barbara points out, the pastoral role that school librarians inhabit can be one which is pivotal in appropriately supporting children to understand more about their mental health, and how to seek help when needed. This guide will help you do just that."

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