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Positive behaviour management within the library

The School Library Association believes that the Librarian/Library Manager as a member of staff closely involved with pupils and their learning, and with managing their behaviour, is entitled to:

  • take part in whole school in-service training sessions on behaviour management within the school
  • receive support via the mentoring scheme for newly qualified teachers to discuss concerns and solutions in a supportive atmosphere
  • have the status and authority to employ strategies for behaviour management within the library, in accordance with whole school policies.
  • have the authority to produce a library specific code of conduct as part of the whole school behavioural management policy
  • be aware of Health and Safety issues – for pupils and staff
  • have the authority to exercise his/her judgement regarding the acceptable number of pupils using the library at any one time, in order to maintain a safe and effective learning atmosphere. This number might vary from situation to situation, depending on the range of pupils using the library and the diverse activities in which they may be engaged
  • additional adult cover from the duty staff team at break and lunchtime openings
  • have appropriately trained and supported staff available to cover the library in his/her absence

Detailed information is available in the SLA Guideline Managing Behaviour in the Secondary School Library.

February 2016