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2018 SRC results

The Reading Agency has announced the results from this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Support from libraries and children for the programme remains strong with 98% intending to take part again next year.

There was an increase of 1% in the completion rate, an increase of 1% in the number of boys starting and a 2% increase in boys completing this year and an increase of 3.2% in early years participation.

However, the pressures on all local authority services has meant that there has been a 8.2% drop in overall participation in the 2018 SRC. TRA will be in constant communication with libraries to discuss support as the encouraging increased completion rate is to be celebrated.


UK Infographic

PDF file, 4 MB (Requires Adobe Reader)


 demonstrates these figures.

To find out more details of the results and the theme for 2019 take a look on the TRA website



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