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An urgent request!

Written on behalf of the Librarian from Kensington Aldridge Academy, which is directly adjacent to Grenfell Tower, site of the tragic fire earlier in the summer. The Academy has been closed since the fire, with students redirected to other schools temporarily.

They are resuming classes on Friday in a temporary location provided by the council. The request I have today is for copies of a book which is for their year 8 class readers:

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

It’s not a new book, by any means, and has been out of print for a while – just being reprinted this week, evidently.

The librarian, Vashti Turner, is desperately trying to gather 180 copies of this book ASAP. If any of you have a copy or copies of this book (perhaps class readers?), and feel that you could contribute these to KAA, that would be fantastic.

Copies can be sent to - Vashti Turner, Kensington Aldridge Academy, Scrubs Lane, London, W12 0HU.

Thank you!

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