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Attending the Kids Lit Quiz finals in New Zealand

Our warmest congratulations go to Frances Stott librarian at Oxford High School who accompanied her UK winning team to New Zealand in July. Frances has written an excellent account of their trip so that we can all share a little bit of the excitement:

"Our journey began when the OHS team of four Year 8 girls won the National UK Final back on 5th December 2017. These girls have embraced stories and reading the whole of their lives, which inevitably won them the honour of first place in the UK. In preparation for the World Final the team were introduced to best-selling young adult authors from all the participating KLQ countries. With Serco rucksacks packed as in-flight bags and our Kids Lit Quiz hoodies worn for warmth during the night flights and an extra layer for New Zealand mid-winter, we arrived at YHA Auckland on Sunday afternoon 1 st July and first met the other eight teams from around the world over pizza that evening. After travelling 11,000 miles we did struggle to keep our eyes open and made an early exit for a good night’s sleep in preparation for an early fresh start for our first events on Monday morning." .......To read the rest of Frances' account and to see the wonderful photos she included please download the full article below.

Kids Lit Quiz - Report

Word document, 5 MB

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later

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