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Development and Discussion: Reading for Pleasure

This is the first of the Development and Discussion posts, that will come at monthly intervals in between the Chief Executive's blog. Written by external people to the SLA the idea of these blogs is to provide something for SLA members that will enable them to think about things, develop their practice or consider different issues that impact the environment they work in. To discuss the post use the #SLADevChat1 and don't forget to include [at]uksla in your tweet! 

The first blog post is written by Alison David, Consumer Insight Director at Egmont Publishing, and it looks at issues around children's reading for pleasure, and the importance of reading culture at home. There are many interesting issues that the blog touches on but for me a key issue is how important reading together, and aloud is, and I'm sure this is equally important at school as it is at home. So if you're thinking about next year's activities, it might be worth asking - where can you encourage school staff to read to children? Can you work with parents at all, or work with schools around you?

In the meantime, and while you have a rest, the SLA has released some 'Alternative reads' for books which are worth trying if a child has been enjoying one of the best-selling books. More information can be found here: https://www.sla.org.uk/blg-if-they-liked-that-what-now.php

A huge thanks to Alison David for writing the post! 


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