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Designing School Libraries

April's Development and Discussion blog is written by David Lindley. David is Executive Director of Designing Libraries, a Community Interest Company, and a columnist for CILIP’s magazine, Information Professional


Libraries today are about lots of things – books and reading to be sure, but also about developing learning skills, access to digital resources, supporting individual and collaborative learning styles, and just being the go-to place to meet or relax.

Design plays an important and sometimes under-valued role in creating a space that will enhance student learning and wellbeing – not simply a room with books, tables and computers, perhaps also used for other functions, but a space students can call their own and want to spend time in. The buzz words around good design principles today are ‘design thinking’ and ‘student centred design’ – both taking the user as the starting point from which to create the right environment for reading and learning. The approach can take many forms, including behavioural observation, interviews and discussions, and student ownership of what they want from the library and the activities that take place in it.

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DandD_2019_6_Designing Libraries

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