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Dyslexia Assist

Dyslexia Assist is a  newly formed charity set up by a group of parents who have struggled with supporting their children throughout their  education.  The main aim is to develop an interactive site where parents and children can share advice and learning tips in an informal and accessible way.  

The children's section and blogs on the website have the text loaded as audio files and ‘ recite ‘ software  operates across the whole website. It is published in dyslexic font, so that all users can access the content, with the aim for parents and children to contribute and the web site to grow and develop organically. By uploading learning tips and experiences the hope is to empower students by viewing their ideas on line as well as providing ideas for others that might suit variations in learning styles.

Download their poster to display in the library.

DACP A4 181114

PDF file, 574 kB

Requires Adobe Reader

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