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Films in Libraries

Into FilmInto Film provides a unique and engaging education experience for all children and young people aged 5-19, regardless of background or ability. Film is a proven, highly recommended way for young people to overcome learning and social barriers, and has become an effective way for young people to improve their literacy skills. Watch them leap from simply watching to actively discussing and writing about films.  Benefits for librarians:

  • Free access to resources which support each film
  •  Curated library of over 4000 DVDs including great literary greats e.g The Great Gatsby, Much Ado About Nothing and Wuthering Heights as well as modernised versions to make the story accessible to all ages for example, The Lion King - Hamlet and 10 Things I Hate About You - Taming of the Shrew
  • Competitions and discussion ideas for films based on novels made for all ages: 12 Years of Slave, Stormbreaker, The Hobbit and classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to boost literacy and understanding.

Into Film collaborates with a network of industry partners, enabling young people to discover filmmaking and offer them a stepping-stone into the world of film. Club leaders are given the training, support and inspiration they need to confidently incorporate filmmaking into their activities.

Into Film arranges dynamic interactions between film professionals and pupils with Q&As, workshops, special screenings and set visits. Through our talent development programme, club members are trained to be reporters, reviewers and film programmers and presented with once in a lifetime opportunities.  We also provide CPD training and support to set you on the road to making your own films.

Into Film trustee and retired headteacher Sir Alasdair Macdonald says “film supports, enhances and enriches every subject on the curriculum”. We’ve seen the results for ourselves from our growing network of clubs across the UK.  In a survey of leaders -

  • 93% say film club opens up access to culture for those who may not otherwise benefit from cultural experiences
  • 91% says film club increases participants’ enjoyment of school
  • 87% say film club enhances participants’ ability to share and debate their conclusions with others
  • 91% say film club is effective at engaging with pupils facing other barriers to learning
  • 80% say film club increases members’ critical skills
  • 96% agree that attending a weekly film club helps children understand different social and emotional issues

Many of these are a good fit with library activities - do check it out.


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