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First Story to launch the first National Writing Day on 21st June

First Story, a charity changing young people’s lives through creative writing knows that everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has found their voice yet. That’s why on the 21st June they are launching the first ever National Writing First StoryDay!

Research has shown that children and young people who enjoy writing very much are eight times more likely to write above the level expected for their age, compared with those who don’t enjoy writing at all (23.2% vs. 3.2%). So, First Story will encourage them all to channel their creativity into the written word on National Writing Day with the campaign ‘View from my Window’. Primarily targeting Secondary schools, the campaign aims to inspire children and young people to start writing and enable them to share their story with the world.

In a society dominated by images and visuals, putting pen to paper allows us to better explore what’s deep in our minds, to reflect who we are. Writing is so much more than what we’re taught in classrooms - it’s a tool for all creative expression.

 ‘View from my Window’ taps into an established technique to help writers get rid of their writer’s block - simply describing the view from their window - and harnessing it to inspire new writers. The campaign kicks off with both influencers and First Story ambassadors sharing what they can see from their window on Instagram and encouraging their followers to do the same, with the hashtag #TellYourStory.

 First Story said: “View from my Window is simple but stacked with creative potential. We’re looking forward to inspiring young writers everywhere.We hope this campaign will encourage children all over the UK to start writing.”

For more information about the range of activities  and resources the  the charity offers check out their website at www.firststory.org.uk/

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