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FREE E-book for school libraries

Hattori Hachi.htmlFor a limited period, to promote the launch of book 3, Curse of the Diamond Daggers, Hattori Hachi  are  giving a free download of book 1, The Revenge of Praying Mantis, via the website -
The books feature a female lead and appeal equally to boys and girls from about age 10 upwards.  The offer will run until they've reached at least one person in every country in the world.
You can see how they're doing at -
There are various prizes for downloading - every 100th person gets a signed copy of book 2, Stalking the Enemy, and the thousandth person to download will have a character in a future story named after them.  The county with the most downloads in the UK will have Hattori Hachi visit, as will the country with the most downloads.
Author, Jane Prowse , chose to write about ninjutsu because it was created to keep the peace not start wars. Jane loves action adventure, but hates mindless violence.  Ninjutsu has a great Zen philosophy running under every element of it and requires smart thinking as well as world class hand to hand combat, fighting with tools and weapons and all kinds of disguise, invisibility and other great skills.  Early ninjutsu warriors were the precursors to James Bond and other more recent spies, assassins and mercenaries.
Jane also does school and library visits and is happy to give writing classes, including reference to her writing and directing work in theatre and television.

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