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French school librarian looking for a British school librarian for a two-week exchange

An email received in the office that might be just what you are looking for - an exchange visit!

Dear colleagues,
Currently, I'm "professeur documentaliste", that is to say a school librarian and a teacher of information literacy, in Paris (France). I'm looking for a British school librarian who would be interested in a teacher professional visit program with the CIEP (the French equivalent of the British Council).
During two weeks, he/she will go to my school and work with me at the "CDI" (centre de documentation et d'information, i.e. the school library), to learn more about how the French education works and strengthen his/her French language skills. After that, I will be the one who will visit his/her school for a two-week stay.

To apply for next year, the application form has to be completed by March 26, 2017.

My school is the Collège Gérard Philipe. It is situated in the North of Paris. It's a secondary school with 350 students from 11 to 15.

As school librarian, I manage the resource centre and occasionally teach information literacy. I have a blog (fenetresur.wordpress.com) on which I share all my resource and lesson plans.

Such an international experience is a great opportunity to enrich our practises and personal skills for the benefit of our students.

If you are interested, please contact : cdigerardphilipe[at]gmail.com 
To find out more about the teacher professional visit program, visit http://www.ciep.fr/en/mobility-programmes/teacher-professional-visits-programme (in English) or http://www.ciep.fr/mobilite/sejours-professionnels (in French, with more details).

Claire Cassaigne
Collège Gérard Philipe
8 rue des Amiraux, 75018 Paris

portail en ligne du CDI : http://0752195d.esidoc.fr

blog de mutualisation : http://fenetresur.wordpress.com

on Twitter : [at]fenetresur

Please contact Claire for further information.

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