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How are you feeling today?

Today (24 January) is "Gloomsday" - so tells us the entry in a wonderful book about the weather The Wrong Kind of Snow The Complete Companion to the British Weather - by Anthony Woodward and Robert Penn. Apparently the term was coined by a Cardiff University psychologist, Cliff Arnall, who suggested that with Christmas and New Year memories fading but not the debts incurred, dark days and nights still with us, colds and flu germs in abundance and Spring still some time away this was time to think ahead about summer holidays!

If you and your school library users feel a bit down and gloomy then how about:

  • giving a bit of time to a library display on the theme of summer, warmth and light?
  • creating a display of some cheerful predications about the next 11 months and encourage your students to contribute or respond
  •  giving your 'gloomy' users a bright and cheerful book quiz

Whatever you decide to do.....keep smiling !

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