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If they liked that what now?

The SLA have joined forces with Education Umbrella to provide alternatives to some of the best selling children’s books of the moment. The feedback that we quite often get is that there are so many children’s books available it can be overwhelming to try and guess what a child will like, so these short lists are a starting point for books you may have already bought or borrowed.

Education Umbrella runs a reward scheme called Eureka, and if you buy through them and choose the SLA to benefit, the points accumulated will be used by the SLA to provide books on the list to school libraries with a very limited, or no, budget.

Maintaining a reading habit over the summer is important, and given all the sunshine forecast you may want a flexible activity you can do as a family, whether you’re on the go or having a picnic- so buy (or borrow) these books and then read and discuss them. Perhaps you could start a family book club for the summer. The lists are available here: https://www.educationumbrella.com/SLA

Have fun, get talking and improve your child’s literacy in one go. Enjoy the summer reading on behalf of the SLA and Education Umbrella!

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